Questions about the impact on the wider North East

I live in the south of Tyne – will I be worse off with this deal?

The investment, jobs and other opportunities this deal brings will have a positive impact across the North East. In fact, we expect 25% of the 10,000 new and better jobs created through the deal to be taken up by people living in County Durham, Gateshead, South Tyneside and Sunderland.

Businesses across the region will also benefit from additional spending in the supply chain, both by consumers and other businesses.

Why is this just for part of the North East?

Newcastle, North Tyneside and Northumberland councils have decided that a devolution deal with an Elected Mayor is our best opportunity to tackle the economic and social challenges facing the North of Tyne.

The deal will not only benefit the North of Tyne area. New jobs, investment in the economy, faster housing development and improvements to our transport infrastructure will have a positive impact on the south of Tyne and wider North East.

The Elected Mayor will also act as a champion for our region, promoting the potential of the North East nationally and internationally.

Why are you breaking up the North East? Surely that can’t be good for the region.

This deal does not break up the North East – far from it. The Elected Mayor will act as a champion for the North of Tyne both nationally and internationally, and the wider North East will benefit from the economic growth and new jobs the deal will provide.

It is right that different parts of the region decide what governance arrangements work best for their areas. We are committed to continuing to work collaboratively with our local authority neighbours, business organisations and the North East Local Economic Partnership (NELEP) to maximise the economic benefits we can jointly deliver.

How will the south of Tyne local authorities, public and other organisations be consulted?

We a held a six-week public consultation from 14 December 2017 to 5 February 2018. Residents, businesses and other organisations had an opportunity to give their views on the proposals via an online survey, paper survey or by attending one of our consultation events.

The south of Tyne authorities took part in the consultation and gave their views on the governance changes required to implement the ‘minded to’ devolution deal.