Questions about housing and transport

Will more homes be built?

The deal aims to accelerate the delivery of the housing development that is already planned by the three local authorities.

The deal provides the opportunity to have a separate housing deal from Government so that the plans to develop much-needed new homes can happen more quickly than they would otherwise. This is good news for the thousands of people and families in the North of Tyne area who desperately need suitable homes.

Does more housing mean more pressure on local infrastructure like flooding risk and roads?

All housing development will be subject to the appropriate measures to prevent the risk of flooding.

We will also be investing in our transport infrastructure to ensure we can manage the growth in our population and economy in the future.

What does it mean for the Metro?

The Metro has been a Tyne and Wear success for three decades through several changes of governance.

The Tyne and Wear local authorities will continue to jointly oversee the running of the Metro. The devolution deal includes a proposal to do this by setting up a Joint Committee on Transport, with membership from the seven local authorities. You will get a chance to comment on this proposal during our consultation.